Our goal at Pumpkin Patch is to empower each child to become a confident, lifelong learner and a secure carding person.

We promote all aspects of development: large and small motor, cognitive, perceptual, social, emotional, language, creative and expressive as well as nurture a positive self-concept, which includes acceptance of cultural and family background.

Our infants learn about themselves through distinguishing their identity from other people and things, making and expressing choices, preferences and decisions.

They focus on solving problems encountered in exploration and play. Learning about others is a valuable aspect of our infant rooms. Each child will learn about others through bonding and building relationships with caregivers, peers and other adults.

Learning about feelings is an important developmental aspect of all children. Our infants focus on listening and responding to sounds, voices, words, sensations, and facial expressions as well as communicating with movements, gestures, facial expressions, sounds, and words.