Here at pumpkin patch preschool curriculum will focus on four major areas: social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development. These areas will be exercised daily through learning and play experiences. Our teachers will encourage children to discover, explore, and learn through their own play and socialization. Children will achieve a sense of self: they will take responsibility for themselves as well as others and they will behave in a prosocial way showing empathy for others.

The children here at Pumpkin Patch will learn to use spoken language to communicate with others, expanding one’s vocabulary and expressing oneself. They will learn to read and write being able to make sense of written language and understanding the purpose of print.

Children at Pumpkin Patch will learn to problem solve ebing purposeful about acquiring and using information resources and materials. They will be able to think logically by gathering and making sense of information by comparing, contrasting, sorting and classifying.Our teachers also instruct the children how to think symbolically by using objects in a unique way.

Here at Pumpkin Patch we promote gross motor control by moving their large muscles in their bodies, especially their arms and legs. We also promote fine motor control by using and coordinating the small muscles in the hands and wrists with dexterity.