Pumpkin Patch Early Learning Center has designed a school age program that will continue to encourage the development of skills, knowledge and concepts for success in school as well as the world.

Our program will offer various learning centers where children are exposed to social, physical, emotional and cognitive skills, while creating a partnership with parents and schools to assist with homework and offer children a safe and enjoyable extension of their day. Our program promotes growth and development in a variety of ways.

In the art and dramatic play areas children can express themselves in a number of ways. They have the ability to use a variety of materials and work along with a friend.

They can work on proceses; create a project or work on long-term projects. They may participate in drawing, coloring, painting, collages or clay work.

They may also participate in role playing, and problem solving, creating skits, and expressing their ideas and acting out their thoughts.

Our School Age program will offer a variety of age appropriate reading materials to encourage the continued development of reading skills.

We will provide language and reading opportunities through a print rich environment and wide range of writing materials.

The type of language and reading concepts your child may participate in are reading during group time, daily homework time, reading with peers, teachers or alone, and using writing the enhance other activities.

We have a large variety of indoor and outdoor equipment that enhances physical development throughout the day. You may see children particpating in the following types of activities: group sports (ex. kickball, dodge ball, basketball) or small motor activities

The skills that we focus on at Pumpkin Patch are social confidence, problem solving with peers and adults, communication with peers and adults, self confidence, critical thinking skills for problem solving, attention and pride in homework and other projects, and participation in group projects.